Western-Trekking Saddles

Very special saddles selected Comancheros complete with custom-designed saddlebags

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  • Western Billy Cook Saddle

    Numbered Western Billy Cook saddle made in America, complete with saddle leather saddlebags in the same color as the saddle. Both front and rear saddlebags are made to measure. Only one piece Article A-SE-BC1937 Learn More

  • Trekking Saddle

    Nylon and Leather saddle for Trekking, used a lot for this specialty. Equipped with leather saddles front and rear, made to measure with special hooks so as to form a single piece with the saddle. Article A-SE-TR1929 Learn More

  • Trekker Saddle

    Trekker saddle in leather and nylon complete with saddlebags front and rear, with pockets and bottle cage, made to measure with special hooks. Ideal for horse riding. Article A-SE-TR1931 Learn More

  • Western Pony Saddle

    Super-equipped Western Pony saddle, with waterproof Cordura saddlebags and tailor-made leather for this saddle. Size 11" Article A-SE-PY1933 Learn More

  • Mini Western Saddle

    Mini western saddle with silver trim and custom-made leather saddlebags Size 9" Article SE-MI1939 Learn More

  • Old Mini Western Saddle

    Old mini western saddle complete with saddlebags in leather. Size 10" Article A-SE-VE1943 Learn More

6 Item(s)

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