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Comancheros, Leather Saddlebags, Leather Western Chaps, Leather Hats, Accessories

Online sale of horse riding items: Western Chaps, Trekking Saddlebags, Cowboy Country Clothing

Comancheros has been designing, producing and selling riding items since 1972 and represents the meeting point between the craftsmanship of Made in Italy and the original tradition of the Western USA style. Horse leather saddlebags, Chaps and Comancheros Cowboy Hats have always been a point of reference in the world of Western riding for all Cowboys, who appreciate their original shapes and attention to detail, throughout Europe and the USA.

Comancheros products are made with leather, leather and other materials, all of the highest quality with very advanced technical characteristics that must correspond to the needs of the riders. Among the main ones are: resistance, impermeability, practicality and anatomical shapes, which adapt perfectly to the saddle, leaving freedom of movement for the rider. Comancheros is able, upon request, to create tailor-made horse saddlebags for all types of saddles, customized Chaps and Chinks, Cowboy and Western hats of all sizes in its workshops. We also give our customers in Comancheros products the possibility of any repairs free of charge in our laboratories.

Comancheros guarantees that all products are made in Italy in its own laboratories with the study of specialists for the research of materials and with exclusive designers, made by master craftsmen who are increasingly rare in the world of craftsmanship. These features mean that a Comancheros product cannot be cheap, "unlike similar fax products from other countries".
The Comancheros product range includes: trekking and saddlebags for American saddles, leather western chaps, Reining chaps, buckaroo chaps, gaiters, original American  leather cowboy hats, country hats, bags and western clothing, accessories for western riding and many other items for horse riding.