Over 200 handcrafted models saddlebags, produced entirely in Italy.

Online sale of horse saddlebags for horse riding.Comancheros produces more than 200 horse saddle-bags for riding, of various shapes and sizes. Leather and leather are worked through the recovery of ancient techniques that respect the artisan wisdom, integrated with the most innovative technologies. The other materials we use are STC Cordura, Nylon and Jeans, technical fabrics that guarantee resistance, lightness and impermeability.

How do you choose a horse bag? Consider whether you will take a short walk or trek on horseback for a week or more.

For short horseback rides: doorknobs, small and medium-sized saddlebags, or saddlebags with banana or saddlebags

For a week's or more trekking: large rear saddlebags, with rolls and banana saddlebags applied, completed by doorknobs or medium-sized front saddlebags.


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  • O'Bryan rear saddlebag set

    O'Bryan rear saddlebag set with bag and banana in exclusive, waterproof nylon. Very roomy, recommended for western saddles in warm brown, these bags close with sturdy leather straps. Produced by Comancheros Italy. Dimensions: (bag) cm 30x30x15 (H x L x P) Banana cm 64x18x13 (LxHxP) Article: A-OB607 Learn More

  • Rear set with roll

    O'Bryan set with roll, designed and produced by Comancheros. These waterproof nylon saddlebags are very capacious, perfect on western American saddles and are made for long rides on horseback. The roll closes with a zipper, while the two saddlebags have strong leather straps. Produced in Italy by specialized artisans at Comancheros. Dimensions: (bag) cm 30x30x15 (H x L x P) Roll cm 55 Ø 19 (LxD) Article: A-OB608 Learn More

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