Double Pommel Bags

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  • Double pommel bag

    Bisacce pomolo doppia, si mettono sulla sella western nel pomolo anteriore. Prodotte in cuoio di super qualità per durare nel tempo e sono idrorepellenti. Dalla forma classica che da tempo viene usata dai cowboys in tutte le occasioni. Disegnate e prodotte da Comancheros Dimensions: (bag) cm 23x16x8 (H x W x D) Articolo A-B02 Learn More

  • Double saddlebags for western saddle

    Double saddlebags for western saddle in water resistant jeans with a leather design that forms a horseshoe on the flap, exclusive to Comancheros. They are put on the pommel of the western saddle, they are very aggressive and sporty, preferred by young people for trekking on horseback, 100% Italian product. Measures: (pocket): 23x16x8 cm (H x W x D) Article A-BCJE02-FC Learn More

  • Western Saddlebags with Fur

    Western saddlebags with fur and waterproof leather, the design created in contrasting fur forms an exclusive motif. Each piece produced is unique as a real cowboy. These saddlebags used in trekking attach to the western saddle knob and are fixed to the saddle through the leather laces. Original Comancheros saddlebags. Measures: (pocket): 23x16x8 cm (H x W x D) Article A-WP202-S Learn More

  • Saddlebags Western America style

    Western America style saddlebags, these saddlebags are original and unique for their very particular workmanship. They are saddlebags in leather all inlaid and painted by hand giving that exclusive Old Timer aspect of Comancheros. Practices are used on all occasions by applying them on the knob of the Western saddles. Measures: (pocket): 23x16x8 cm (H x W x D) Article A-W202-BA Learn More

  • Western Saddlebags

    Western saddlebags, unique and exclusive by design on leather flap that form horseshoes. Made of top quality leather in water-repellent brown color to be applied to the saddle knob for cowboys. They are used in all occasions for short and long distance trekking. Designed and produced by Comancheros Measures: (pocket): 23x16x8 cm (H x W x D) Article A-BP02-FS Learn More

  • Round pommel bag in cowhide

    Round pommel bag in cowhide,with high-grade leather. Profiled and finished down to the last detail. The cowhide is water repellent and the closure features two leather straps. Capacious and easily attached western saddles with sturdy leather laces. Original Comancheros model. Dimensions: (bag ): cm 21x13x6 (H x W x D) Article: A-B052-12 Learn More

  • Front saddlebags for double saddle

    Front saddlebags for double saddle with rounded shape in finest choice leather with two-strap closure. The leather is water-repellent and completely profiled. Attaches to western saddles and is held in place with a resistant leather strap. Used and loved by cowboys over the world. Exclusive design by Comancheros Italy. Dimensions: (bag ): cm 21x13x6 (H x W x D) Article: A-B052 Learn More

  • Square double pommel bags

    O'Bryan square pommel bag, designed and produced by Comancheros. Waterproof and light, with a square shape it easily contains most items. Suitable for all cowboy saddles Dimensions: (bag ): cm 23x17x9 (H x W x D) Article: A-OBQ02 Learn More

  • Western pommel bag in leather

    Leather pommel bags designed to maximise storage while giving the rider freedom of movement. Created exclusively for western trekking saddle pommels, the leather is the highest quality with a water repellent formula that Comancheros has always used. Finished down to the finest detail this is one of the most popular bags for cowboys working and trekking on horseback. An exclusive Comancheros model. Dimensions: (bag ): cm 27x13x9(H x W x D) Article: A-BF02 Learn More

  • Riders pommel bag in denim

    Riders pommel bag in waterproof denim and leather. Strap closure in leather and antique brass buckle. Easy to attach to the pommel of all western saddles. The choice of cowboys. Excellent for riding. Dimensions: (bag ): cm 23x16x8 (H x W x D) Article: A-BCJE02 Learn More

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