Motorcycle Accessories

Comancheros has been producing Biker accessories for many years, creating targeted and exclusive models using the highest quality water repellent leathers. All Comancheros items are handcrafted with attention to the smallest details..

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  • Band for Motorcyclists

    Technical waistband in black leather specific to protect and support the back. It has two elastic inserts that allows maximum freedom of movement. Recommended article for motorcycle enthusiasts. Article A-MT537 Learn More

  • Leather Neck

    Particular model to protect the neck and shoulders, ideal for motorcyclists to use on cold days. Made of soft leather with fleece interior Article A-MT541 Learn More

  • Motorcycle Bandana

    Large leather bandana covering the face, ears, neck and part of the chest. Ideal for cold and wet days. Equipped with an external elastic lace adjustable to block vibrations, lined in fleece Article A-MT531 Learn More

  • Bandana Bikers

    Medium leather handkerchief covering face. Ideal for cold and wet days, equipped with adjustable external elastic to block vibrations, lined with fleece Article A-MT535 Learn More

  • Motorcycle Bags

    Large rear bags in very high quality, thick leather. This roomy model also has special closure straps to give maximum safety. All profiles are 100% waterproof. Certainly our most popular model since 1972. Can be easily attached with leather laces and straps. Produced by Comancheros Italy Dimensions: (bag) cm 30x 30 x 15 (H x W x D) Article: A-MT505 Learn More

  • Biker Bags

    Large biker bags with three straps. These high quality leather saddlebagss are beautiful and comfortable, with three leather straps, very capacious. Original design, produced iin Italy by Comancheros Dimensions: (bag) cm 30x 30 x 15 (H x W x D) Article: A-MT505-3C Learn More

  • Saddlebag for Motorcycles

    New saddlebag for motorcycles in real waterproof leather, for its particular design it is very capacious. Three-strap closure with buckles on the sides to ensure tightness against wind and rain. Fits all motorcycles and in particular the Harley Davidson. Dimensions: (bag) cm 28x 35 x 15 (H x W x D) Article A-MT583 Learn More

7 Item(s)

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